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Link building (offsite SEO) is a very important and delicate process because websites that link to your website influence your Google ranking.

Not all links to your website will have a POSITIVE effect, some links going to your website can have a NEGATIVE effect, and some going to your website will have NO effect.

There are a lot of misconceptions about link building (offsite SEO).

Just to clarify.

The purpose of link building (offsite SEO) is:

1. To improve your Google Page Rank, (the importance Google places on your website).

2. To achieve positions in the Google results for your targeted keywords.

To achieve each of the above outcomes the links need to be set up in different ways.

The important factor is the TYPE of links and not the QUANTITY of links.

Just generating thousands of incoming links will not result in top positions on Google.

There are two types of inbound links.

1. Basic un-optimised links.
2. Optimised links.

1. Basic links will increase your Google Page rank.
2. Optimised links will move your website up the Google results.

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